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OFSTED Reports

We are proud to be rated as a Good Early Years Provider for the following reasons:

☆ Staff take their new learning from training to successfully improve their practice. They interact well with children and ask skilful questions to encourage them to share their knowledge. Children are becoming confident speakers.

☆ Children have many opportunities to build their independence before their move on to school. They learn to manage their own needs, serve their snacks and wash their hands.

☆ Staff and the manager track children's progress and plan towards their next stages in learning accurately. All children's learning outcomes are good, including for those who have special educational needs (SEN) and/or disabilities.

☆ The chair of the committee and the new manager work in strong partnerships with other professionals, such as early years advisory teachers to improve the provision for children. They have met all actions raised in their last inspection effectively. For example, they monitor and support staff's professional development closely to help them to fully understand their roles and responsibilities.

Reports from all previous inspections can be found here.

Alternatively, reports can be downloaded using the links below.

June 2018

April 2012

February 2018

November 2006

April 2016

January 2005

December 2015

March 2004

January 2015

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